Exotic/Pocket Pets

Compassionate Care for Your Pocket Pets

North Star Veterinary Hospital is your one-stop shop for specialized pocket pet care. Our experienced veterinarians are specially trained to provide the highest quality of care for your beloved small animals.

Comprehensive Diagnostics & Treatment

Our veterinarians use advanced diagnostics and treatments to ensure that your pet receives the most appropriate care. We take the time to build an individualized plan tailored to each pet’s individual needs.

Early Detection & Prevention

Pocket pets are known to hide when they are ill or injured, so it is important to have an established relationship with a pocket pet specific veterinarian in order to ensure more prompt care in emergencies and more individualized diagnostics and recommendations.

Expertise & Compassion

We understand the unique needs of pocket pets and provide compassionate, knowledgeable care, with a commitment to providing the highest quality of medical care available. With our team of experienced professionals, you can rest assured that your pet is receiving the best possible treatment.