Equine Service

North Star Veterinary Hospital

North Star has been helping Equine patients for over 30 years with a large animal species list that is proudly growing. From Horses, donkeys, and Cows to Alpacas, goats, and pigs, our team is dedicated to making sure your large pets are well cared for. North Star offers in-clinic appointments for those able to travel and farm calls for those who are not. Farm calls are scheduled every Thursday in multiple locations throughout Fayetteville. Call today for more information regarding your location and farm call dates.

Preventative Care

North Star Veterinary Hospital

our preventative care includes but is not limited to; physical exams, vaccinations, teeth floats, McMasters, deworming, Coggins, sheath cleanings, castrations, Herd health, hoof and tusk trims and more.


North Star Veterinary Hospital

With any pet comes the potential for emergency care. Here at North Star we will provide the best possible care your pet may need with their individual circumstances. Colic, lameness evaluations, eye ulcers, lacerations and more can be seen either in the field or in clinic. In emergency situations, if we cannot come to you, we do offer emergency haul in transportation.

Diagnostic Procedures

North Star Veterinary Hospital

With our portable xray machine, digital images can be taken to visualize fractures, chips, spurs, and lesions. Proper and complete diagnostic imaging allows our doctors to treat effectively either in clinic or in the field. When necessary, our doctors can communicate with your farrier to ensure proper corrective shoeing and hoof comfort.

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Integrative Therapy

North Star Veterinary Hospital

Chiropractic medicine is proven to improve performance and aid in pain management. Regular adjustments help to alleviate stress and tension within the musculoskeletal ‚Äčsystem.

Acupuncture aids the body in healing itself. It can increase blood circulation, stimulate nerves, and release muscle spasms. It works by stimulating nerve endings near acupuncture points. These nerve fibers then conduct impulses to the brain and spinal cord, causing changes in the body that speed healing. 

Chiropractic and Acupuncture exams can be provided by Dr Krivit either in the field or in clinic.