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Veterinary Hospital

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  Thank you for choosing North Star Veterinary Hospital for your pet's vacation destination. We are committed
ensuring the best possible experience for your pet.  Please take a moment to look
over our services and
  choose any that you feel would make your pet most comfortable.

  A service to our clients, we offer quality boarding for cats and dogs. For new guests we require an exam with a technician
  at no charge, and for the well-being of all pets as well as our team, we require that vaccinations be current, and that pets
  are parasite free.
Required Vaccinations   Canine: Distemper, Parvovirus, Adenovirus, Rabies and Bordetella  
  Feline: Feline Distemper/Upper Respiratory Combo and Rabies
  If we do not have record of your pets vaccine history, please bring a copy with you, along with the name and phone number
  of the clinic or hospital. We also require your dog and cat to be on a tick and flea preventative while boarding.
  If they are not, we will be happy to apply a dose of Frontline Top Spot or Revolution when you check in.

Boarding Room Options  

If you would like your dogs to Share A Room, you
will receive a $10/Day Discount on your second
Pet's reservation. All Rooms are heated and cooled.

Luxury Resort Room each Day
Sharing with 2nd Pet      each Day $20.00
The Luxury Resort Room features an indoor outdoor run, as well as color TV playing Animal Planet.  Pets will be able to go outside at their leisure during the day and will be tucked in at night in extreme weather.  

Webcam Internet Access
Luxury Resort Rooms are set up with a webcam you view remotely from anywhere with internet access.

Luxury Suite Room                     $25.00
Sharing with 2nd Pet $15.00
Our Luxury Suite Room has all the amenities of the Luxury Resort without access outside.
This room is best suited for pets who feel most comfortable inside or away from other pets.

Private Suite Room   each Day
Sharing with 2nd Pet       each Day
Our Private Suite Room is a large indoor run. These guest rooms have private walls with a gated front door.

Guest Room                
X-Large                                             $19.5/Day
Large with a view                             $18.5/Day
Medium                                             $16.5/Day
Small                                                 $15.5/Day
Feline Cat Condo                               $13.5/Day

Second Pets sharing Guest Rooms will receive a 50% discount off that room price
Our Guest Rooms are best suited for smaller pets.  They are cage type kennels, comfortable for pets that prefer to be in company of other pets.
 Pamper Your Pet
Now that you have selected
the  best room for your pet's comfort,  please  review any additional services you
may choose to add
to their stay.

                  VIP Services
  • Extra 20mn play.....$2/Day
  • Lunch every day.... $2/Day
  • Daily Brushing ......$2/Day
North Star Spa Specialties
  • Large Bath 41+lbs ..... $25
  • Medium Bath 21-40lbs.$20
  • Small Bath 1-20lbs..... $15
  • Pawdicure....................$8
  • Mini Massage (15min)...$8
Complimentary Vacation Spa Bath
With five nights stay or longer.

Special Treats
  • Kong w Peanut Butter...$3.5
  • Kong w Cheese  ..........$3.5
  • Healthy Bones Lrg ...... $3
  • Healthy Bones Med ......$2
  • Healthy Bones Small ... $1.5
  • Frosty Paws Treats...... $2.5
   All Boarding

1. Feeding twice a day.

2. 20mins supervised free play time in our play yard twice a day.

3. 20mins of interactive play time twice a day.

4.  Any Medications that need to be given at meal time will be administered at no additional cost.

5.  Comfort of knowing that your pet's care will be veterinary approved.
 Military Special
Long Term
Deployment Rate

With appreciation for the communities local Military Service men & women we are offering a long term deployment rate of $10 day per dog. Deployment orders
are required to apply for
this rate.

With our Thanks
$10.00 Per Dog
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